Ivonne Arguelles

“Ivonne Arguelles explains that individuals who are looking to restore the appearance of their eyebrows can often be successfully treated without surgical procedures.”


Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Specialty: Eyebrow Specialist / Feathering Stroke

Florida Department of Health in Miami Dade County

  • Cosmetology

  • Electrolysis

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • Permanent Make-up

For patients who have lost hair in their eyebrows, Ivonne Arguelles says there a number of treatment options that can address these concerns.

There can be due to a number of factors, including the natural aging process, excessive plucking and shaping, skin or medical conditions, alopecia areata (an immune system disorder), or other issues.


Ivonne Arguelles, is a Highly creative and personable Cosmetologist with a stellar record of client satisfaction. She has exceptional knowledge base in chemical properties of hair and cosmetic products and their physical and aesthetic effects. Provides superb at matching the right hairstyle to the right facial structure.

  • Creative and detail-orientated cosmetologist with eight years of experience in providing all-encompassing, quality beauty services at cosmetic salons and spas.

  • Passionate about styling – Up-to-date with latest hair and facial styling trends.

  • Expert in array of beauty treatments including hair care, makeup, colors, skin remedies, face treatment and nail care.